Find the perfect Kenyan coffee.

Caffe Del Duca
Quality Kenyan beans: quality espresso experience

What We Do

In its nurseries in Thika the firm upgrades SL 28 coffee variety by grafting with Ruiru 11. The grafted seedlings are then sold to farmers who upgrade their farms either rapidly or gradually.

Consultancy and Farmers’ Training

Given the vast wealth of experience of knowledge and experience possessed by the directors and the team members the firm is a valuable player in the coffee farming value chain in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa. The firm offers consultancy on various issues in upgrading of coffee, coffee estate management, roasting and blending o specialty coffee among others. The firm trains farmers on coffee farming best practices through out the value chain. Great success has been achieved with the two pioneer FCS in Western Kenya and the firm is planning to rope in other farmers’ groups.

Coffee processing

Caffe Del Duca pulps, dries, hulls, sorts, grades, blends, roasts and packages its high quality espresso in Thika. The espresso is marketed locally and abroad.

Coffee Storage

To guarantee the quality of its espresso Caffe del Duca has invested in storage space. This ensures that the firm has control of various factors which dictate quality of the final cup of coffee.

Coffee Roasting

Caffe Del Duca roasts its beans to ensure the high quality of its espresso brand.